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Rubens Baby Changing kit

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Rubens Baby Emma

Rubens Baby  - My Baby Max Play Bundle
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Rubens Baby  Nora with FREE Bottle & Pajama Set
Rubens Baby  Nora with FREE Bottle & Pajama SetRubens Baby  Nora with FREE Bottle & Pajama SetRubens Baby  Nora with FREE Bottle & Pajama SetRubens Baby  Nora with FREE Bottle & Pajama Set

Rubens Baby Nora with FREE Bottle & Pajama Set

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Rubens Baby NoraRubens Baby Nora
Rubens Barn Pocket Friends Pink PajamasRubens Barn Pocket Friends Pink Pajamas
Rubens Baby Baby Pink bottle & dummyRubens Baby Baby Pink bottle & dummy

Doll Type:  Rubens Baby

  • Help encourage emotional skills such as empathy.
  • Stimulates creativity and imagination.
  • Promotes manual dexterity.
  • Encourages creative communication and speech.
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Rubens Baby Nora

Rubens Barn Doll Baby Nora is dressed in a pink and white striped all in one romper than open and closes easily with velcro, a white vest, nappy and a cute embroidered bib. At Baba Me we know that all children love to dress and undress their dolls! Baby Nora has beautifully embroidered brown eyes that twinkle when you look at them and her skin is brown. She has outstretched arms that will encourage your little girl or boy to lift her and cuddle her all day long. Rubens Barn Doll Baby Nora will be a much loved member of your family for years to come!

Rubens Barn dolls are made by hand with over 100 steps needed to finish each doll. Each dolls has beautifully hand embroidered eyes that will draw your child to them and encourage empathy and love. They are made from soft durable fleecy fabric that can be gently washed and dried in a machine or spot cleaned when it get grubby.

Rubenss Barn Baby Dolls< are 45cm long and weigh 700g. They are a large doll and have extended hands that will make even the grumpiest toddler want to lift them up and cuddle them. They are suitable from newborn so can grow with your child. The Baby Dolls come with an all in one romper that closes with Velcro so little hands can easily dress and undress their little friend. They can even suck their own thumb! Their tongue comes out so you can pretend you have a cheeky doll, or a doll deep in concentration. Here at Baba Me we think they are absolutely amazing & know they will be loved in your home for years to come.

These fabulous baby dolls are anatomically correct. This mean they have belly buttons, nipples and bottoms! They are lightly weighted so they arent floppy but they are still a perfect size for an 8 month old right up to a seven year old to drag around all day with them and love. Rubens Barn Dolls are also used as empathy dolls for people dealing with Dementia and Alzheimers, so there is no age limit on these awesome dolls. Doll therapy works for all ages.

These dolls can help encourage empathy, patience and love. Designed in Sweden and handmade in China each Rubens Barn Doll is unique. These are the perfect doll to accompany your child as they go from baby to toddlerhood to little person and there is a whole range of accessories you can choose from including a wooden basket for them to sleep in. Beautiful handmade happiness! They are the perfect gift if you have a new baby joining the family, your toddler or little person can care for their doll while you might have to spend a little more time with the baby during the first few weeks. These Waldorf Style dolls will bring much love to your home for many years to come.