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Rubens Baby Molly
Rubens Baby MollyRubens Baby MollyRubens Baby MollyRubens Baby Molly

Rubens Baby Molly

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Gender:  Girl Doll
Anatomically Correct:  Yes
Age:  From Birth
Weight:  700 g
Height:  45 cm

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Rubens Baby - Molly 4 piece outfit

Adorable Molly loves nothing more than a cuddle with her favourite friend, she will happily suck her thumb and snuggle in. Molly will also play for hours and has a cheeky side as she sticks her tongue out whenever she’s having fun. Molly has cute rosy cheeks, soft fleece skin and wonderfully fluffy hair that children will adore. When sitting Molly will need some support as just like a young baby she can’t sit up on her own. Molly’s clothes can easily be changed so she can be dressed for all occasions.

  • Molly comes dressed in a cute pink romper with a white t-shirt, a removable bib with an elephant motif, and a nappy.
  • Height 45cm, Weight 700g.
  • Molly - Washable at 30, tumble dryer friendly on low heat.
  • Clothes – Hand wash, tumble dryer friendly on low heat.
  • Handmade using best quality soft polyester.
  • No harmful components so suitable from 0 years.

Rubens babies are wonderfully soft dolls that are handmade with love, are anatomically correct, and true to size. They love to be cuddled and looked after just like a real baby. These dolls make perfect companions for all children especially those expecting a sibling so they can practice helping parents to look after a new baby. Rubens babies also make great empathy dolls, teaching dolls, or therapy dolls.

Hair:100% polylester plush
Stuffing:100% polyester fibre
Granulate:calcium carbonate
Cheek:ink spray paint
Glue:polyvinyl alcohol
Skin:100% polyester fleece
Clothes:mainly polyester/new materials/cotton
Doll:Wc temp Wc ironing Wc tumble Wc bleaching Wc dry cleaning
Clothes:Wc hand wash Wc ironing Wc tumble Wc bleaching Wc dry cleaning