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Rubens Baby Carrycot 4 in 1

Rubens Baby Carrycot 4 in 1

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Rubens Baby Carrycot "4 in 1"

Great for taking your Rubens baby out and about this carrycot gives multiple ways of transporting your child’s friend. Children can use this easily as a baby carrier on the back or front, a traditional carrycot or a bed/changing station. The cover closes over the baby to keep them safely tucked inside. Children will simply adore carrying their baby doll around just like a real baby.

  • Carrycot made using denim coloured material with pink trim, pockets are a vibrant blue.
  • Handwashes easily
  • Tumble dryable on low heat
  • Fits 45cm baby doll

There are also pockets sewn inside for easy storage of a dummy, bottle and other small items such as a spare cloth nappy. Children will love packing these just like grown-ups packing a bag for a day out. These also make it easy for children to change their baby out and about. A great accessory for nurturing empathy and caregiving through play.

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