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About Rubens Barn Dolls

Rubens Barn dolls were created by Ewa and Teruko who set about to create dolls with emotional, childlike and cheeky motives. They wanted to create a childhood friend, to help develop empathy through play and allow children to slowly thake their time through childhood and play. The team at Rubens strongly believe that a child playing and interacting with a Rubens Barn doll, develops empathy to later become more understanding and sociable adults.

Rubens Barn have been handmade in the same ethical factory in China for 16 years. The factory only works on Rubens Barn, and the owners and workers have become long term friends of Rubens Barn. The skilled seamstresses have been there from the very beginning, it takes years to learn how to make the dolls! There are over 100 steps, all done by hand, to make the perfect Rubens doll. They are scuptured in soft fabric for a gorgeous soft feel, and a more emotional and realistic look. The eyes are embroidered, and each one is uniquely sewn on to give the dolls their unique personalities. No two Rubens dolls will look the same. The eyes, combined with the cheeky smiles given the Rubens dolls handmade happiness.

Rubens hope that one of their dolls becomes a soft companion for your child, providing a lifetime of friendship.

We are Rubens Barn UK Shop are the official UK & Ireland distributor for Rubens Dolls, and we work with many amazing shops in the UK & Ireland to bring you the full complete Rubens range.